Deep Cleansing Facial

This is a great facial for acne prone skin, blackheads and uneven skin tone caused by clogged pores.

Is your skin feeling dull? Does you foundation feel flaky?

A deep cleansing facial will remove old flaky dead cells and clean out your pores leaving your skin fresh and glowing.

Whats included?  1 hour and 30 min 


  1.  Gently cleansing the skin of impurities

  2.  A scrub to start loosening up dead skin 

  3. A gental enzyme peel to remove superficial dead skin.

  4. Extractions to unclog pores (this is optional )

  5. Clay mask to detoxify the skin 

  6. Toning to restore ph balance 

  7. Serum to rejuvenate 

  8.  Mini lymphatic massage to reduce toxins and puffins in the skin.